It’s Here! Black & Older New Website Announcement

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Web Site, Social Media, E-Newsletter, and more
Welcome To All Of Our Online Visitors

The Law Office of Black & Older is pleased to announce the release of our new website and the launch of our e-newsletter and social media channels.  Each element was designed with a fresh new look-and-feel, consistent with our main goal: to build online communication tools that are user-friendly, simple to navigate, and – most important – highly valuable to YOU.

For the first time, we now have a single, integrated online platform that positively reflects the Black & Older firm as a whole and will enable us to (1) stay in closer touch with both current and former clients, and (2) help prospective clients get to know us better and get a feel for who we are as a firm.

So, …. What’s New?

On the Black & Older web site, the updated Practice Area pages contain summary information about our areas of expertise and many of the different ways we can help you.  We worked hard to make our key messages and value propositions evident and clear.  We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site and that it will be a powerful tool for strengthening our professional relations.

Moving forward, we will be posting regular updates to our Blog, our Facebook Business Page, and our LinkedIn Company Page, and will be publishing a monthly email Newsletter as well.  We’re committed to providing timely, useful information, with no fluff or extras … and certainly no complex “legal-ese”!

Moving Forward

While we’re quite proud of Black & Older’s new communication tools, we also know that there’s still work to be done. In the coming months, we’ll to continue to update and improve our web site, e-newsletter, and social media channels and we will greatly appreciate your comments and questions.

Please visit our new Website (you’re here now!) and our channels on Facebook and LinkedIn to acquaint yourself with the new design.  As always, PLEASE let us know what you think: blog comment, Facebook post, LinkedIn response, email, carrier pigeon with a note tied to its leg …. we love hearing from you!

Robert H. Black, Esq. and Stephen M. Older, Esq.
Law Offices of Black & Older