Child Custody

According to the law, biology does not necessarily determine a family.  A stepparent involved in a child’s life can be awarded custody over an absentee parent who rarely or never interacts with his or her child.  The court determines custody by taking into consideration – first and foremost – the best interest of a child.  The emotional involvement of a parent, the quality of life at home, and the psychological and financial strengths and weaknesses of a parent will also be considered.

If you are a grandparent, you may also have certain partial custody rights and potential primary custody rights, depending on whether you have already served as their primary caretaker or “in loco parentis.”

Proving Your Case

At the law office of Black & Older, we help clients build and document their case in custody disputes.  Where necessary, we hire psychologists and other experts to explain to the court the importance of the emotional bond you’ve established with your child.  We commission “In Home Studies,” working with social services agencies and local government officials to provide proof and documentation that will show the loving, nurturing nature of your home.

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Fighting for What’s Best for Your Children

As a Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the court, and Chairman Ermeritus of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Child Custody Committee, Robert H. Black is committed to improving the chances of our nation’s children.  Working with families to keep children and loving parents together, we’re dedicated to making sure the court has more than enough proof to award our clients custody when it is clearly in the best interests of child to do so.

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