Child & Spousal Support

Child and spousal support are calculated according the requirements contained in Pennsylvania state law. While certain aspects of child and spousal support can be negotiated, understanding child / spousal support obligations, payment determinations, and legal remedies in cases where payments are not made, requires the guidance of an experienced child support lawyer.

At Black & Older, we explain what clients can expect to receive or pay in child / spousal support, taking into account issues such as income, debt, other financial obligations, and changes in circumstances. Our child / spousal support attorneys prepare necessary paperwork, collect financial documentation, and vigorously present your case to the court.

If you have questions regarding child or spousal support, contact Black & Older today. We’ll explain the law, how financial issues impact your situation, and the options available to you. Call today and learn what you need to know to protect yourself and your family.

Child / Spousal Support

The family law attorneys at Black & Older represent clients in regard to the following child / spousal support issues:

  • Enforcement
  • Negotiating special terms
  • Changes in circumstances
  • Challenging financial findings


Child support is not a punishment, nor is it intended as support for an ex-spouse. Child support pays for certain necessities for one’s children. When child support is not paid, children suffer the most. At Black & Older, our child support attorneys are prepared to do whatever it takes to enforce child support payments.  Whether it’s garnishing wages or asking the court to intervene in some other manner, we aggressively pursue those who are unwilling to pay what they owe for their children.

Alternatively, sometimes job loss, disability, or extenuating circumstances prevent people from paying the child support they owe.  If you’re facing financial difficulties that prevent you from paying child support, we’ll initiate legal proceedings to protect your from financial penalties and potential imprisonment. Regardless of how well you and your ex-spouse get along, if the court does not officially recognize a change to your situation, you are exposed to serious legal and financial problems.

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