Divorce / Distribution of Property

A divorce essentially creates two households where there once was one.  That means your financial earnings, debts, investments, and even your retirement plan may be subject to the terms of your divorce. Understanding how to protect your legal interests requires careful planning, documentation, and an experienced divorce lawyer.

At Black & Older, our divorce attorneys work one-to-one with clients, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and what you can expect as a result of your divorce.  We calculate child support payments, explain how your property and debts will be divided, plan for the equitable distribution of income, and take steps to protect you against further financial obligations related to joint loans, credit cards, or bank accounts.

If you’re facing divorce and have concerns or questions regarding how you could be affected, contact Black & Older today.

Preparing for Your Divorce

In order to gather information pertinent to your divorce, the following documents should be provided to your divorce lawyer:

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Copies of your will or trust
  • Retirement plan investments

Placing Trust in Your Attorney

Divorce often involves intimate details of a person’s life.  Sometimes, clients who fail to mention certain kinds of personal information find that it is used against them later in court.  At Black & Older, our divorce lawyers provide strictly confidential, discreet representation for our clients.  As family law attorneys, it’s important for us to know certain details so we can protect you in court and create contingency plans should certain issues arise.  We take the attorney-client privilege very, VERY seriously, and we will unconditionally refuse to divulge the specifics of your case.

Have confidence: we will zealously guard your privacy as if it were our own.

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