Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Victims of personal injury face not just physical pain but financial pain as well: lost wages, expensive medical bills, and an uncertain future. To recover damages proportional to the financial and emotional impact of an injury, our personal injury lawyers evaluate your current situation as well as your future needs, determine the scope of your injuries and condition, and demand financial compensation that will pay for future medical treatment, medical equipment, and lost earnings.

Considering Other Legal Issues

We’re dedicated to addressing how your injuries impact different aspects of your life.  Our personal injury attorneys look at your situation from all angles: do you plan to return to work? How will your business and  career be affected?  How will long-term disability affect your capacity to earn income and meet your financial obligations?

We also evaluate how your injuries impact your other financial needs, including estate, business, child support, child custody, and how your divorce or legal separation can be affected by someone else’s negligence.

Representing Injury Victims

The personal injury attorneys at Black & Older represent clients in the following areas:

Demanding Compensation for Someone Else’s Negligence

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or due to a doctor’s negligence, your life has been changed through someone else’s fault. Our personal injury lawyers will demand accountability and justice, and will aggressively pursue damages that reflect the actual impact of your injury.

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